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garden gate lock

If your garden has a gate, you need a lock. Homeowners often neglect to pay attention to the type of lock used on a gate. Choosing a simple hook, bolt or latch as a garden gate lock will leave your home and outbuildings vulnerable to thieves and make it easier for small children to wander off. Opportunist thieves will often try a gate, and if your gate can be opened easily, you could pay dearly.

To protect your home and any items stored in the garden, it pays to invest in the right lock for your gate. In this guide, we will talk you through wooden gate locks, security gate locks and the differences between a gate lock with key and a keypad lock.

Wooden gate locks

Locks for wooden gates are essential – even if your gate is waist height. 

Restricting access to your garden will act as a deterrent, keep pets and children safe and make it much harder for burglars to remove items from your home and garden. While a robust padlock system can be used, there are more secure options.

If you want basic security without spending a fortune, a simple bolt and padlock or rimlock will do the job. However, most locksmiths recommend mortice locks, because they offer extra security. Rimlocks and bolts are not recommended for many types of wooden gates. 

If you are not sure, talk to us and we will be happy to advise you. Gate locks for wooden gates should be suitable for your gate frame, including the thickness of the gate, and hinge.

Gate lock with key

You may be considering a double-locking long throw lock. Unlike a padlocked bolt, this type of lock can be secured and opened from either side of the gate. However, it is not as secure as a mortice lock. Many locksmiths will recommend a mortice lock because it can be secured from both sides, is available as a five-lever deadlock, which insurers prefer, and is commonly sold with a guarantee.

If practicality and functionality is important, a sashlock is a good alternative. It offers all the features of a mortice deadlock but comes with handles. This can be useful if you occasionally need to leave a gate unlocked but held closed.

Security gate locks

A trending feature of security gate locks is the keypad lock. This type of instant garden gate lock is available in both digital and mechanical formats. It is ideal for those who don’t want to carry a key around. Consider a keypad lock for gate if you have security or metal gates. Bear in mind, this type of lock may not be suitable for those with memory problems, poor eyesight or arthritis.

Weather resistant keypad locks can be made from marine grade components, offering long lasting security. Providing no-fuss access, this lock can be programmed with a code of your choice.

Whatever your garden gate lock needs, ensure any lock you buy meets British Standards and carries the British Kitemark logo. For total peace of mind, always have a garden gate lock installed by a professional locksmith. For no obligation advice, contact us by telephone on 01323 899999 or use our contact form.

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