3 benefits of outdoor key safes

outdoor key safe

Many rental properties, including holiday lets and sheltered accommodation, have outdoor key safes. These key security boxes allow authorised access to a property without the property owner having to be present. They provide security and convenience, while saving a property owner time and money.

If you are elderly, or have an elderly relative, a secure key storage box can provide peace of mind. Knowing access can be gained in an emergency or while you or a relative are in hospital. They can take the worry out of looking for a key. In many cases, restricted keys kept in outdoor key cabinets have saved lives.

Key storage boxes for convenience

If you are a social housing provider or a private landlord, having a key safe system in place will reduce your overheads. Outdoor key safes can be used by approved contractors to carry out maintenance work – meaning jobs can get done even if the householder is at work. Modern key safety systems are made from weather resistant, secure materials, making them ideal for storing and sharing keys.

Private homeowners and businesses are discovering the benefits of providing access to restricted keys. They can be used by everyone from cleaners and workmen and, of course, all those living or working in a property. Having a master lock key safe can prevent the loss of keys. Imagine never having to worry again about where you put your key?

About key cabinets

Most key cabinets are opened using keypad codes. Keypads can be mechanical or digital with dial or button combinations. Locksmiths recommend key storage boxes are fixed to a wall for security reasons. Choose a box that will hold the correct number of keys, i.e. front and back door keys. If you require a box that holds a larger number of keys, talk to a locksmith for further information about all the available options.

Some key storage boxes come with handy extras, such as lights. When purchasing a key safety system check that is has been approved by the Secured by Design police initiative. This accreditation is important if you want a system that has been manufactured to design out crime. Also ensure that the box meets British Standards.

Installing an outdoor key safe box

Key storage boxes must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. They should be fixed to the recommended surface only and secured tightly in place. The security of keys is imperative. That is why it is best to buy an outdoor key safe box from a locksmith. For added protection, ask a locksmith to install it.

Because key safe boxes are becoming more and more popular, it is possible to buy them cheaply online or off the shelf in discount stores. However, beware. A cheap key cabinet may not be secure and could quickly deteriorate when exposed to the elements. Before buying a key cabinet, check that it is suitable for outdoor use.

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